Daniel Breen

Daniel Breen

Ph.D. Student, Physics
University of California, San Diego

Resume: PDF (August, 2016)
Email: dnlbreen@gmail.com

I'm a physics PhD student at UC San Diego in the Abarbanel research group. I develop and apply a bayesian statistical method formulated as non-convex optimization to estimate parameters in nonlinear dynamical systems. I am interested in finding patterns in estimated parameters of neuron models that would be of biophysical and medical interest, using tools such as clustering and classification algorithms. I have been at the core of two collaborations applying my research group's tools to different biomedical applications. In one case, understanding the causes of Alzheimer's disease. In another, to characterize the dynamic behavior of a neuromorphic VLSI circuit and emulating biological data on it.

I am interested in machine learning and robotics, and I have experience with python, R, and other packages commonly used in data mining.

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